Ask yourself:

Can you afford another injury and Worker's Compensation claim from a lift assist?

Is improper patient handling worth a career ending back injury?

The Rise of Fall Victims

In 2013 there were 1,575,333 reported fall victims nationally and in 2014 that rose to 1,707,908 - a 7.76% increase! - NEMSIS EMS Data Cube

Average Disability Claim Cost

The Average cost of a simple sprain or strain of the lumbar spine is approximately $18,365 in direct cost per occurrence. - Mitterre D., "Back Injuries in EMS", EMS Magazine

The following consequences of back injuries are derived from an unsafe lifting program and policies that do not include any mechanical devices and improper training:

Individual Consequences

  • Missed work
  • Medical bills
  • Financial loss
  • Paid time off spent on injury
  • Pain and suffering
  • Potential loss of function/use
  • Difficulty with daily activities

Agency Consequences

  • Workers' compensation costs
  • Open slots must be filled
  • Increased fatigue
  • Poor morale

The following benefits can be derived from a safe patient lifting program that includes mechanical lifting equipment and proper training:

Benefits using a Portable Lift Assist Device

  • Eliminates the potential for lifting injuries
  • Eliminates the need for team lifts
  • Eliminates the need to call for extra resources
  • Greatly cuts down on time to lift an individual
  • Operating cost savings

Save Like a Pro

Keeping you safe, while safely lifting patients.

Users of PLAD's Pro-Lift portable lift assist devices have saved money, costs, careers, and risk of injury to both employees and patients. See for yourself how Pro-Lift portable lift assist devices can save you money and keep your crew healthy.

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We are proud to introduce the industry's first, battery powered portable lift assist device!


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PLAD's mission is to eliminate the possibility of back injuries from performing non-emergent lift assists that are performed daily by firefighters, E.M.S. personnel, Assisted Living personnel, Nursing Home personnel, and home health workers.

We've created an industry first lifting device that is light weight and portable, battery powered, can be deployed in a matter of minutes by one or two people, and can lift a patient from the ground to a standing position, into a chair, into a wheelchair, or onto a stretcher with just a pull of a trigger.

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The most versatile portable lift assist device