Return on Investment Calculator

Injuries from patient lifting account for increased lost work days, insurance premiums, and overtime costs. Cost savings from reduced injuries using PLAD Pro-Lift portable lift assist devices can offset the cost to own and operate a Pro-Lift within the first year.

Use the calculator to see the potiential saving and return on investment when using a Pro-Lift on the job!

*All fields must have a value entered. Enter a "0" in fields where that particular years data is unavailable.

ROI Calculator 3 Years Prior 2 Years Prior Last Year Baseline Data

Worker's Compensation Payout
Patient Lifting Related Workers' Compensation Payout
Patient Lifting Related Payout Percentage

Total Number of Claims
Total Patient Lifting Related Claims
Percentage of Patient Lifting Related Claims

Average Cost / Patient Lifting Related Injury
Potential Patient Lifting Related Injuries Avoided
(If Pro-Lift was Implemented)
Potential Prior 3 Years Savings
Potential First Year Savings with
Implementation of a Pro-Lift
(Does not include savings due to lost and modified workdays, overtime, employee loss, or exact workers' compensation savings)

All data taken for specific calculations came from the NEMSIS EMS Data Cube.