Operating Cost Savings Calculator

More often than not, when responding to a lift assist/fall victim call, additional resources are needed due to the weight of the patient. The need for these extra resources plays a big role in increased operating costs. With the implementation of a Pro-Lift portable lift assist device, these extra resources are no longer needed, thus greatly reducing operating costs.

Use the calculator to see the potiential operating cost savings when using a Pro-Lift on the job!

Operation Cost Savigns Calculator Last Year

Operating Costs
Total Number of Calls
Average Cost Per Call

Total Number of Lift Assist/Fall Victim Calls
Number of Lift Assist/Fall Victim Calls Needing
Additional Resources
Percentage of Lift Assist/Fall Victim Calls Needing
Addtional Resources

Potential Prior Years Savings if Pro-Lift was Implemented
Potential First Year Savings with Implementation of a Pro-Lift

All data taken for specific calculations came from the NEMSIS EMS Data Cube.