Business Spotlight in Florida Today

Bobby Clark and Mike Pannucci are co-owners of PLAD Inc, and developers of The PLAD (Portable Lift Assist Device.) It is an industry first battery powered portable lift device, manufactured in Brevard County. The device can lift up to 500 pounds and is used to assist fall victims and others needing assistance getting up.

In the healthcare industry, specifically E.M.S., 25 percent of all EMS personnel experience career-ending back injuries within the first four years of their career. The average direct cost of a back injury in this field is $18,000. Many of these back injuries are incurred from performing non-emergent lift assists. PLAD's mission is to eliminate the possibility of back injuries from performing these non-emergent lift assists that are performed daily by firefighters, E.M.S. personnel, Assisted Living personnel, Nursing Home personnel, and home health workers. We’ve created an industry-first lifting device that is lightweight and portable, can be deployed in a matter of minutes by one ...Read full article at Florida Today